Spiritual Coaching through Intuitive Astrology

I have been learning and applying astrology into my life and also sharing with others for 10+ years, I do not consider myself an astrologer per say, I love astrology and I love teaching people about themselves through their own natal chart. Understanding your emotions, your drives, your career and even how you relate to others through your astrology. I love helping teens to feel more in control of their energy by understanding it, I love to help parents understand their children on a new level so they can navigate through the emotions and I love to show people that allot of answers they seek can be found in their own charts. Astrology can be such a resource to answer many questions about life and the direction you are going. 

I highly recommend joining for daily astrology, understanding and navigation the collective energy.

For every reading this is the required information 
City you were born
The EXACT time of your birth - if no do not know this, we can do a basic reading and start with a 12am time and discuss certain traits to help narrow a "possible" time. If you want to dig deeper most hospitals will keep records you can reach out to the hospital you were born to see if you can obtain the record.

The Astrologer that I have followed for 10+ years is David Palmer  - The Leo King. Though he may not be for everyone, I love the fact he tells it like it is, he is a straight shooter and won't sugar coat it. Here is a link to his page and I highly recommend joining Watching daily astrology helps me to understand the energy for the day and also learn more about astrological events.

The Leo King Main Website

High Vibe TV

*Prices are introductory and my change without notice, the price at the time of booking will be honored



Astrology Readings - $40

We will discuss the personal planets in your chart
The Sun (soul purpose), Moon (your emotions/habits), midheaven (your career), and Rising (your physical world), Mars (masculine, drive), Venus (relationships, feminine), and Mercury (communication/thoughts)

Deepen your understanding of yourself, help to see the "why's" and "how comes" of your day to day. Learn to navigate your own self as well as seeing others and their energy through a new set of eyes.
Look at your life to see the meaning and understand the person you are just a little more.

My astrology readings are like an intuitive reading using your chart, using the knowledge I have on astrology and my intuitive skills to help you navigate questions you have about yourself and your life.

Time ranges from 45 - 60min

Please note that this is not an astrology reading only, this is a spiritual guidance for you through your chart
Only one person at a time for readings, due to my schedule I am unable to do more than one reading at a time.

 if you do not know your time but want to explore the chart, we can move through the houses to possibly locate the time based on your own behaviors and patterns. If you don't know your time a print out won't be available but will send you the PDF chart

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