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Sagrada Madre Premium 7 Chakra Smudge Bombs

Sagrada Madre Premium 7 Chakra Smudge Bombs

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Sagrada Madre 7 chakra premium smudge bombs, one for purifying and regenerating each chakra:

Chakra 1 - Instinct - Storaque/Camphor
Chakra 2 - Sexuality - Orange/Rosemary
Chakra 3 - Power - Yagra/Cinnamon
Chakra 4 - Love - Lavender/Olibanum
Chakra 5 - Communication - Myrrhy/Olibanum
Chakra 6 - Intuition - Benzoin/Olibanum
Chakra 7 - Transcendence - Rose/Olibanum

Crafted with care in Argentina from natural herbs/resins, essential oils and pine wood, these bombs are bound together w/ a plant-based adhesive. Each pack contains 7 bombs burning for approx. 8 minutes, smoldering another 10-15 mins

Light the Smudge Bomb and position it with its flat side on a non-flammable surface, such as an incense burner pot (article no. 476), cauldron (p.e. articles 58003 till 58008), etc. Once lit, carefully blow out the flame until only the spiritual smoke remains.


Employ in a heated-secured vessel.Avoid combustible materials.Do not abandon burning unattended.Keep far from the grasp of kids and animals.Do not smudge near a fire detector.Ventilate adequately.Retain in a chill and arid position.