Witches Ink was started back in 2012, incorporated Aug 31st the day of the Blue Moon. This was also the same day I did my wicca rite, under this same moon. Wicca was a lifestyle that was always in me, I just didn't know (which I bet most of you can relate to). Love of nature and animals is a core part of who I am and where my passions are. Witches Ink was started with the dream to be a store that was diverse and accepts all beliefs. I feel I have achieved this dream, by adding a healing side to Witches Ink called The Soul Center, this was a compliment to what Witches Ink was already growing to be.

Though people coming through our doors maybe looking for more of a "witch" store, this is where I shatter the perception of what a witchy store is. Wicca is a personal path, it is different for each of us. So in my shop you may not find all the witchy items you think you would, but you will find a place that accepts you for all you are, that has allot of unique items that you may not find anywhere and a place of diversity and self growth.  My shop is about self discovery and healing, so this may not be the traditional shop but I am ok with that. Understanding your own self and healing journey is what will set your foundation for any spiritual path you take. 
Another part of my journey was when I met Melanie from Vitality Crystals and Fountains, those of us that were awakened in 2012 will have encountered Melanie at some point. She was a light that drew people in, she was the inspiration for my business because of her impact on my own spiritual awakening. Though Melanie passed away sometime ago, she lives fondly in my memory and I always enjoy sharing stories with others that have met her or even those that haven't.


Since 2020 my journey has taken me a new way (which is what spiritual growth is), though I will respect Wicca for bringing me here I see the world through much different eyes.  I no longer look at only one side of the universe but all the sides, casting spells and moon rituals look different for me as I move further into astrology and a new outlook for the divine and my connection to it. So the new name and the new look was an inevitable part of this process. I wanted to find a name that reflects what you find here and that is crystals and astrology, that is what Witches Ink has become and this is where my path is aligned with.

Walk through our doors to be in a place where you are not just a customer, you are a soul on a journey, you are a unique and amazing person that we want to know. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading this little bit about Witches Ink now o/a Crystals & Sun Signs, and if you are in Red Deer or visiting our city, please come say hi!

Santana Friesen