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Witches Ink started off on a folding table in the basement of my townhouse. With and evolution to a new name today, we handle our retail and online deal totally from our mystical spot in Red Deer, AB. This special retail scene lets you browse while observing the biz, all in one lovely space.

Starting out as a gemstone wicca shop, the evolution came with the deeper dive into astrology. I have gained much knowledge over the years and love to help people understand the depths of their natal chart to deepen their journey into more self awareness. Dive into the cosmic rabbit hole with me as we decode the universe's secrets one birth chart at a time!

The front half of the shop is open and inviting, decorated with plants and a sitting cove you will find a peaceful serene energy when you first walk in. The moment you walk in, you'll be enveloped by our own gentle aroma and a cozy alcove that whispers tranquility.

We encourage you to pick the crystals up and feel their energy, flip through the oracle decks, and smell the essential oils! We’re always happy to help you find the right crystal companions! Discover the magic within our crystals, oracle decks, and essential oils with a little help from our friendly team!

Let us help you pick your crystals for the vibration you are looking for. Throw out the books and lets take your intution to a new level of understanding. We want to educate and guide you to understanding the vibrations of gemstones and let them talk to your soul. Forget the boring textbooks and enter the crystal realm with us. We're all about helping you vibe with your gems on a deeper level. Let's turn your intuition up to 11 and let those stones serenade your soul.

Locate our store facing the main Gaetz Ave in Red Deer. With our large lovely windows bringing in tons of sunshine, our store is super bright, and we nurture the energy within our walls. We make sure to cleanse our space regularly to offer our customers the best high-vibe experience possible.

We look forward to seeing you!

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