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Gemstone Pocket Hearts

Gemstone Pocket Hearts

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Welcome to our sacred realm of gemstone hearts, where each ethereal creation serves as a tactile worry stone, providing solace during moments of tension. Infused with Earth's energies, these divine hearts resonate with unique vibrations, harmonizing your spirit and uplifting your energy. Embrace the profound connection between beauty and intention, and allow our gemstone hearts to elevate your spiritual journey.

Puffy Hearts

Lapis Lazuli - 29.5x29.5~30.5x14.5~15.5mm

Feel motivated and inspired with Lapis Lazuli's encouragement to take action in your life. Its energy will invigorate you and inspire you to share your unique ideas with the world.

Ruby Zoisite aka Anyolite - 29~30x30~31x12~15mm

Green is the color of growth, new life, and peace, while ruby-red represents passion, energy, and courage. Ruby Zoisite increases the Root Chakra's energy, helping you feel more grounded and stable.

Dragon Blood - 29~30x30~31x12~15mm

Dragon Blood Jasper boosts creativity, courage, and willpower. It also activates kundalini energy.

 Unakite - 29~30x30~31x12~15mm

Empowering you with spiritual healing abilities, Unakite connects you to the Earth and spreads enlightenment to all beings.


Thumb Worry Stone

Rhodonite - 39~40x39~40x5~6mm

Rhodonite unlocks the Heart Chakra, inviting in love and compassion and filling your heart with uplifting energies. Regular use of Rhodonite promotes self-love, strengthens friendships, and enhances romances with its soothing vibrations.

Goldstone - 39~40x39~40x5~6mm 

Use goldstone to release chakra blockages and allow your body, mind, and spirit to relax.

Larvikite - 36.5~39.5x38.5~40.5x10~10.5mm

Larvikite - powerful stone for protection and grounding, purifies subtle bodies and connects to Earth's energies for spiritual connection. Enhances inner visions and psychic abilities.

Crazy Agate 39~40x39~40x5~6mm

Dalmation Jasper 39~40x39~40x5~6mm

Pink Aventurine 39~40x39~40x5~6mm

Rose Quartz 39~40x39~40x5~6mm

Obsidian 39~40x39~40x5~6mm

Lepidolite 39~40x39~40x5~6mm