Red Deer's Only Himalayan Salt Room

Relax and Unwind Naturally in our Himalayan Haven!

Our Himalayan salt sanctuary is stocked with pure and unrefined Pink Himalayan salt. It's a salty paradise with salt bricks towering high and a floor covered in loose salt.

No halo generator for halotherapy? No problem! You'll still get to enjoy the salty essence lingering in the air.

Our Salt Room has been in Red Deer since 2017, with tons of visitors and rave reviews this is THE spot to check out whether you crave spiritual vibes or just need a health boost.

Find Answers to Common Questions

What are the Benefits?

Dry salt air is mightier than moist air. The negatively charged ions in salt boost our well-being and spirits. Breathing in particles might alleviate inflammation and mucus in the lungs, helping with respiratory issues like asthma, allergies, bronchitis, sinus congestion, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Unlock the power of salt's negative ions to combat the positive ions that stir up anxiety and frustration. Shake off the bad vibes and embrace a zen-like state of relaxation!

What do you do in the room?

Embrace the calming atmosphere of sitting in the salt, allowing yourself to be in the moment. Many individuals find themselves drawn to play, whether through drawing symbols or simply experiencing the sensory aspects of the salt. It's natural to let your inner child out to play in this environment. There is music or feel free to bring your own, lay down and meditate, nap, read a book, bring a friend to visit with, and just enjoy your self care time!

Is the room shared?

you only share the chill vibes with your posse. Our Himalayan Salt room isn't your average spot, so when you lock in a schedule, it's all about you and your mates, or whoever tags along

Do I need to wear something specific?

No special outfits required! Roll in as you are, the salt might leave you a bit 'dusty,' but it washes off like a breeze - we've got blankets and cushions for those who fancy a comfy spot.

Can I bring kids?

Yes! We do not have an age limit for the salt room. Kids actually really enjoy the room, its like a sandbox! All kids under 16 require an adult to attend with them.

How do you clean the room?

We tidy up the room often, but we done need to clean the salt! That's the beauty of salt, it cleans itself, no living creatures in there so it stays spotless!

The Salt Room is open to all ages kids under 10 are only $4 when accompanied by and Adult

Prices for one time visit

30 Min - $10/ per person
60 Min - $15/per Person