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Aura Rose Quartz Hexagonal Tower

Aura Rose Quartz Hexagonal Tower

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Enhance your space with the Aura Rose Quartz Hexagonal Tower. Rose quartz is known to heal and bring positive energy, perfect for creating a peaceful atmosphere in any room. Enjoy its beautiful, translucent qualities and its comforting healing energy.

Restores faith and balance in connections, promoting unconditional adoration. Rose Quartz cleanses and opens the heart to foster love, self-love, camaraderie, profound inner recovery, and sensation of serenity.

The Aura you see is created by using various methods of electroplating using minerals like gold, indium, titanium, niobium and copper.

Natural gemstones have a unique appearance, actual product will vary in appearance and size

Size: approx 2" high, 0.9" wide

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