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Earthing Mat Medium Size

Earthing Mat Medium Size

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This size of mat is ideal for use at a desk or under the feet.

what is a grounding mat?

Ground and energize yourself. Earthing is practiced to improve the electrical balance between the earth and your physical being. The effects of using an earthing mat are similar to walking barefoot or swimming in the ocean. This can be used in the home, office, on the floor, desk or bed.

Over time, humans have become disconnected with nature. The increased separation from nature and essentially the earth, has created a rift in how the earth's energy moves to and from the body. This disconnected living coupled with dirty electricity or electromagnetic pollution from everyday devices can cause a build-up of excess positive ions.

The electrical rhythms of the earth create negative ions, sometimes referred to as free electrons. Free flowing water such as springs, waterfalls or the pounding of the ocean surf creates negative air ions.

There is relatively new evidence that negative ions are beneficial to mental and physical health. Prolonged exposure to a concentrated source of negative ions has been proven to treat seasonal depression (SAD). It has also been linked tentatively to other health benefits such as improved blood flow, lightened moods, increased alertness, decreased drowsiness, more mental energy, reduced inflammation, pain reduction and grounding the human body during sleep can result in reduced night- time levels of cortisol and enhanced circadian rhythm.

Approx. 68 x 25 cm,

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the mat made of?
    The mat is made of conductive carbonized rubber and comes with an adapter cord.
  2. When will I notice the effects?
    Some have reported improved energy levels and reduced stress levels within 2 days of using the mat while sleeping; however, everyone will experience the effects differently.
  3. Can I wear clothing between the mat and my body?
    Direct skin contact with an earthing mat is said to provide the best results.
  4. How do you clean an earthing mat?
    Earthing mats should be cleaned with non-abrasive soap and water, then dried with a cloth. They should never be used when wet.
  5. Are there side effects?
    Initially, some people may feel some temporary discomfort or achiness. In practically all cases, this experience is fleeting. This effect stems from a normalization of the body's electrical system. In the majority of cases, no discomfort is felt.
  6. Could earthing do further damage to an existing medical condition?
    Not any more than sleeping or walking barefoot on the Earth would cause damage.