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Howlite Gemstone Beads - All Sizes

Howlite Gemstone Beads - All Sizes

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Howlite imbues one with focus and increases the longing for wisdom. It encourages patience and helps erase anger, agony, and worry. Its peaceful energy soothes communication, sparks insight, and facilitates expressive emotions.

Howlite is a porous, white-grey gemstone with a black marbling pattern that belongs to the borate family.

 Howlite and turquoise may look similar, however, their distinct chemical compositions, colors, and hardnesses show they are quite different. Howlite is a borate mineral that can show white, gray, or black hues, while turquoise is a phosphate mineral with a telltale bright blue-green hue. Turquoise is also harder, with a Mohs hardness of 5-6, while howlite is softer at 3.5. Treatments can further differentiate them, such as dyeing howlite to imitate turquoise's eye-catching cyan color.

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Pieces per Strand

  1. 4MM - 102pcs
  2. 6MM - 68-72pcs
  3. 8MM - 48-53pcs
  4. 10MM - 42pcs
  5. 12MM - 34pcs

Please Note: Slight deviations in colors is allowed due to different display device.


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