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Amethyst Gemstone Beads - All Sizes

Amethyst Gemstone Beads - All Sizes

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Amethyst calms nerves, encourages peace, and helps reduce anger, fear, and worry. It eases grief and brings positivity, expanding spiritual awareness while aiding intuition and psychic gifts. Connect with the calming and comforting qualities of Amethyst to find inner peace and balance. This stunning gemstone also offers emotional support by easing anxiety and stress, allowing you to approach life with positivity and an expanded spiritual perspective. As a bonus, it can aid in intuition and psychic development, making it a perfect addition to your spiritual journey.

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Pieces per Strand

  1. 4MM - 102pcs
  2. 6MM - 68-72pcs
  3. 8MM - 48-53pcs
  4. 10MM - 42pcs
  5. 12MM - 34pcs

Please Note: Slight deviations in colors is allowed due to different display device.