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Prehnite Gemstone Beads - All Sizes

Prehnite Gemstone Beads - All Sizes

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Crystal Lovers! let me introduce you to the Prehnite Gemstone Beads! These little beauties are said to bring unconditional love and heal the healer. That's right, they're like a therapist in bead form. And not only that, they also encourage precognitive awareness and trusting your intuition. So basically, they're like a magic eight ball, but way more stylish.But wait, there's more!

These beads are always ready to create a tranquil atmosphere and bring peace and safety. Talk about a multitasking gemstone.  So go ahead and add some Prehnite Gemstone Beads to your collection, your inner healer will thank you. And remember, trust your intuition, it's always right.


Pieces per Strand

  1. 4MM - 102pcs
  2. 6MM - 68-72pcs
  3. 8MM - 48-53pcs
  4. 10MM - 42pcs
  5. 12MM - 34pcs

Please Note: Slight deviations in colors is allowed due to different display device.